Deployed Dust Control
Fixed Base Maintenance
Expeditionary Support


The original OPSDIRT® formula was created in the mid-90s for basic dust
suppression. Since that time, we have worked to improve and optimize the
formulas for a variety of substrates and we are pleased to provide the best soil
fixing solutions on the market.

OPSDIRT® is a durable and useful product that is cost effective and perfect for military use in many situations. We have also expanded on the original formula to develop road building formulas that are long-lasting and perfect for military use.

OPSDIRT® is based in Virginia Beach, VA and is proud to provide a product that positively affects our troop’s ability to complete their missions more safely. We are committed to providing them with a superior product that improves their living and working conditions.

OPSDIRT® is dedicated to the military and all of the men and women who serve our country, both in the US and abroad.
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